What Your Birthday Color Says About You

From Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michele Brenhardt.

Ultramarine (Pantone 17-4037)

Creative, Responsible, Nurturing

If you were born on this day:

You are a creative and talented and can achieve success and monetary wealth by connecting your abilities with action.  The performing arts are a good vehicle for you, and many people born on this day have lovely voices.  Sensual and attractive, you are capable of pulling good things towards you.  Being in a loving relationship is vital to your well-being, and you need someone who is attentive and devoted.

How this color benefits you:

Your personal color helps to balance your moods.  Wearing, meditation, or surrounding yourself with Ultramarine integrates your need for artistic freedom with financial security.

Compatible birthdays:

June 22 (Bright Lime Green) – October 24 (Regal Orchid) – November 19 (Red Ochre)

Oddly enough, this was one of the colors I was thinking of painting my room.  I wonder if it is a sign?