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What Your Birthday Color Says About You

From Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michele Brenhardt.

Ultramarine (Pantone 17-4037)

Creative, Responsible, Nurturing

If you were born on this day:

You are a creative and talented and can achieve success and monetary wealth by connecting your abilities with action.  The performing arts are a good vehicle for you, and many people born on this day have lovely voices.  Sensual and attractive, you are capable of pulling good things towards you.  Being in a loving relationship is vital to your well-being, and you need someone who is attentive and devoted.

How this color benefits you:

Your personal color helps to balance your moods.  Wearing, meditation, or surrounding yourself with Ultramarine integrates your need for artistic freedom with financial security.

Compatible birthdays:

June 22 (Bright Lime Green) – October 24 (Regal Orchid) – November 19 (Red Ochre)

Oddly enough, this was one of the colors I was thinking of painting my room.  I wonder if it is a sign?

Sunday blah, blah, blah

Gawd!!!  I like my UMPC, but if it doesn’t have AC power, then it is SLOW!!!  Took me 15 min to load up things, close things and to start typing this.  I do have my AC adapter with me, but it is too crowded on the desk to use.  I’m at the new West Portal library BTW.  Decided to get out of the house by going to another building to stay in and work on the computer.  Yay me.  Still, I guess this is better than nothing.

The new library is nice, if not a bit on the small side.  I guess it is bigger than the one near my house on Ocean.  All that matters is that it has a CD collection that I haven’t gone through before.  New music, here I come.

They also have books on Office 2007, so I picked up a couple.  I probably won’t read them, but we’ll see.

I hate work.  Or should I say, that I hate parts of my work.  The good news is that my job is safe.  Still, there is so much that I haven’t accomplished at work.  I am unable to keep the floor clean, my dream for drafting and art packs still hasn’t taken off, I am over budget personnel wise, and I am still doing parts of two positions that I shouldn’t be doing.   **sigh**  I need to come up with some kind of plan for the next year, and soon since my review is coming up.  **blah**

This week has been disastrous on my checking account.  Money to the parents, multiple dinners, mini shopping spree, and a baby shower to boot.  And it’s only the 3rd of June.  Gawd, a week and a half until the next paycheck.  The next two weeks are going to suck big time.  Time to tighten the belt.

At least I am getting fit enough to tighten a belt.  I am under 210lbs for the first time in a long time.  It feels kind of good.  I can see the weight that I have lost, although it is not as dramatic as everyone at work makes it out to be.  I still have 25 some lbs. to lose, and I’m not sure if I can do it by just doing cardio.  I’m going to have to move on to the machines or the free-weights sometime soon.  It will be the machines, as I am still intimidated by the free-weights.  Having Josef laugh at me still stings, and I just really feel intimidated by all of the other buff guys who know what they are doing and are lifting 100’s of lbs.  **sigh**  I just want to loose the 1 tire around my midsection, I don’t even have to have a 6-pack.

I’m suppose to be working on a personal ad for Craigslist, but I have been putting it off. Still not sure if I am ready to do this. I know I am not ready to do this.  I don’t have any activities or hobbies except for playing World of Warcraft, listening to music at home, reading, and watching TV.  Not the most impressive list in order to get a girl.  At a dinner, the girls were saying that girls check me out and Dilli says that I am oblivious to girls trying to hit on me.  It’s true.  I am so focus on work that I don’t look past what is in front of me.  Besides, Suzanne still haunts the borders of my mind.  I suppose I should send her a copy of the car info once it gets here since she is the co-owner of it.  I should find out what that means; Would I have to give her half if I sold the car?  Hmm  something to look into.

I have stuff that I have to do tonight.  I always have stuff to do.  I need to refile my papers into my new filing cabinet, I have a instruction list that I need to write for my boss tomorrow, I have to clean this and that, etc. etc.