Why a college football coach hid his bipolar disorder diagnosis for 30 years


..in bed.

…in bed

What Naruto Shippuden Villian Am I?

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…In Bed

Happy Bitthday

Happy Birthday to Me

What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday (April 24th, 1991)

Cygnus Loop Supernova Remnant

This image captures a small portion of the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant. The Cygnus Loop marks the edge of a bubble-like, expanding blast wave from a colossal stellar explosion that occurred about 15,000 years ago. #Hubble30

Covid-19 blues

Laying in my room not going to sleep. Listening to trigger me with his whining. Jealous of being online. Wanting to cut myself to feel something. Seems like I’ve been asking the same question for 20 years now and not finding an answer. Or just ignoring the answer. I have an answer, but apparently it’s the wrong one. Sigh, in two weeks my psych can remind me why it’s the wrong answer.

Book Of Questions: Love And Sex-Question #226

In the early phases of a romance, how much are you influenced by your friends’ and family’s opinions your potential partner?

I think for all the relationships I have been in, I have kept my friends and family away. I don’t think I’ve hidden my partner or have been ashamed of them. With one of them, I knew that they did not like her, so I just kept the two groups away. With another, I was wary of them not liking the new person that I was with (although I didn’t have any reason for that) and got drunk at the first meeting. Luckily they liked her and had a good time with her while I was passed out. The last one wanted the relationship to be quiet. Although I did tell my friends about her and I think that they would have got along, the relationship never made it to that point.

With my parents I always wait I few months to tell my parents so that it’s too late to interfere.

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