Now Playing – Games Currently Playing (5/18/18)

No Man’s Sky – New patch on 7/24 but will it be enough for me to get back into it. I mean I should be farming and grinding units right now.

Words With Friends – Some top three runs, but lately the end game has been killing me. I need to play those >10 point words on Monday at the beginning of rankings instead of at the end of the week where they drag me down.

Crossy Road: Disney Edition – On and off on the ferry when I don’t have internet.

Pac-Man 256 – More of this than Crossy Road.

Hearthstone – Casually playing with the tech center guys. Problem is I still haven’t sat down and made a decent deck. And I don’t have enough decent cards. And Baku. Bakuuuuuu!!!!!

Mass Effect – Shawn got me the trilogy for my birthday. Took awhile to install but it’s running. Just have to get the energy to play it.