Now Playing – Games Currently Playing (9/29/17)

No Man’s Sky – Survived the Atlas Rising Upgrade.  Lost the planet base and had to scrap the freighter base due to the collapse of the NipNip & Pearl markets.  So much I had to do and redo with the quests to get my recipes back and I ended up back in the outer rim of Calypso with no fast way to get back to CTF Space.  So I switched gears and stared a Survival game in order to get that award.  Nice challenging change of pace and got lucky to get a portal close to the center of the galaxy.  Now a matter of getting the warp drives and finishing the Atlas quests so I can get to the center of the galaxy.

Futurama: Game Of Drones/iOS – Level 655; 3 starred one of the earlier levels but chugging along with the higher levels.

Words With Friends – No Mortal Kombat; winning against some tough opponents and then getting mercilessly killed in the rematch.

Jotun – Almost finish the game, just have to beat Odin.  Still can’t figure out how to get one of the power-ups on a level.  No hints on the internet.

Crossy Road: Disney Edition – Still playing this when I’m out of lives on Futurama.  Getting enough new characters with different animations or levels to keep me interested,