Now Playing – Games Currently Playing (1/20/18)

No Man’s Sky – Still trekking away in Calypso Galaxy looking for a perfect planet to settle on.  Went to the Unificaton planet and left my message there.  But travelling back to AGT Foundation Star for…not sure why.  Guess looking for any signs of life or other players.  Really should goto a new galaxy, but we’ll see.

Futurama: Game Of Drones/iOS – Finished all 750 levels and starting over on hard mode.  Final battle with Mom was dissapointing. Think I might be done with the game, but since I don’t need internet to play, we’ll see.

Words With Friends – 10 wins in a row, might be ready to challenge one of the three Words With Friends gods.

Crossy Road: Disney Edition – Amazed at how much time Disney has put into this. But not enough for me to play constantly.

Pac-Man 256 – Not played.  Might be done.

Galaga Wars – Still playing, but getting kind of grind-y We’ll see how long it last.

Super Mario Run – Kinda wish I could put this on the iPad Pro 12″at work to “demo”.

Hearthstone – Got my free expansion cards and played a little with the new mode.  Co-workers play so maybe I should play/invest more in this game.