Given Year by Sarah Kimball – 1992

Ahh 1992, on the cusp of leaving high school and getting ready to waste my life away at UC Cordelia/CSU Scandia. But that would be the start of my long bookstore career. So much stuff happening that year: the rise of Seattle grunge, the introduction of bill & Hillary Clinton to the White House, Windows 3.1, L.A riots, Cartoon Network premiers, Weezer & Wu-Tang formed, Waiting to Exhale & The Pelican Brief are published, Mortal Kombat & Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are released.  OMG, if you want a rabbit hole to go down, just type in a year and a subtopic to remember all the stuff that went down. Anyways…

Age then: 18
Relationship: Uhhh…no relationship.  I’m sure there was some April drama going on, but not officially in a relationship.  Kathy and I were a year off if I remember correctly.
Relationship now: No
Where I Lived Then: Vacaville, at my parents house
Where I Live now: Port Orchard, Washington
Was I Happy: I think so
Am I Happy Now: Can’t complain too much.
Kids Then: 0
Kids now: Still zero