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food journal

1/2 lb bacon cheeseburger (burgermeister) garlic fries Pale ale

food journal

6 eggo waffles

Food Journal

Miso Soup

Whole Wheat Soba and sauce

White Rice


Broiled eel

Broiled fish

I have to give it up to the roommate, he really knows his stuff.  It’s nice to get a restaurant quality meal for free at home.**contented sigh**

Food Journal

1 Caribbean Smoothie from Jamba Juice

1 Apple Cinnamon Pretzel

Wish that I could survive on 1 meal a day everyday

Food journal

3 mini sandwiches

2 slices of cake

2 cups of coffee

1 chocolate cake shot

1 Cosmo

1 mandarin tonic

1 cranberry spritzer

1 glass of champagne

Steph’s graduation party.  Def. feeling the cold that is S. San Francisco, even with all the alcohol in my system.

Food Journal

Plain Croissant

Steamed Milk with Vanilla syrup.

It’s a cold day for graduation.  Just glad that it is finally here and I will be able to get some rest after today, even if it is just for a little bit.

Food Journal

Regular slice of Chocolate Cream Pie

Bottle of Nesquik chocolate milk

After shopping all day, I thought that I deserved it.

Food Journal

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Snapple Peach Tea

2 handfuls of Hot Tamales

One more day and the nightmare that is graduation is over

Food Journal

2 scoop sundae

needed it.

Food Journal

1 VitaminWater (peach-mango)

1 Mango Smoothie

1 Chicken Ceaser Wrap

Feel content.  Little soreness in the shoulder blades.  I think that I am becoming hunchbacked.