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Today’s mood

Hiding under my desk at work

…in bed

Vacaville is the worst…LOL

I love the fake ads that have the location tracking on (I really should fix it though).


Happy Birthday Dad. Miss you.

Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #17

If during a two-week vacation you had met and fallen in love with someone who lived a thousand miles from you, what would you do when you returned home to give the relationship a chance? If the two of you wanted to be together, how would you be willing to change your life to make it happen, and how much would you expect your liver to change?

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In the eye of the summer of Covid

Having lunch at Favelas in Vacaville. With facemasks abound it’s an interesting time to eat out. It’s all about outdoor dining for the smaller restaurants, so I know ill be getting hard looks for taking up a table of four regardless of how much I tip.

I feel that it’s more quiet with the Covid restrictions in effect. Don’t get me wrong, there is def noise abound with the outside traffic of the vehicles driving by. But the lack and limit of outdoor seating has muted much of the sounds I usually hear eating out.

I guess one good think from this is that I don’t have to see as many couples and families around me and fight the anger and jealousy that usually occurs. But it does put a limit of the people watching I can do. Just quick bursts from the people walking by instead of a detailed expose of the couple and their newborn child like normal.

Still empty enough that I have nothing to say.