Book of Questions – Question #46

When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

I last sung to myself about an hour ago in my head on the ferry. Don’t remember what I was singing, but it was me making up lyrics for a pop song to refer to the situation I was looking at. And yet I can’t remember what the song was at all. I sing a lot in my head…and in the car mostly. Some singing in the shower, but usually I’m to tired to do that. And none of the singing is loud or anything; just for an audience of me. Music is a big part of my life, even though I can’t play any instruments (real or Rock Hero-wise) or sing properly. Not sure if I an tone deaf or not. Don’t think so since I’ve never been run out of a karaoke booth or anything. Still I have no talent. I do remember being out late one night with April in Vacaville and she taught me about singing in your stomach instead of your throat. It was one of those magical, unique boyfriend/girlfriend experiences when the air and the light and the mood is just right…although I don’t think we were dating when this happened. I also imagine and plan out music videos to songs; don’t know if many people do that. Real life videos and anime ones. I always wonder what my life would be if I would have focused on film and learn how to film.

Don’t remember who I’ve sung too last. I feel like I’ve sung to someone, maybe Heidi, a work in passing or just jokingly. Other than that, don’t think I’ve sung to anyone in a long time. I did use to sing to Suzanne, usually while we were driving somewhere. Exaggeratedly of course, cause I’m a ham like that. Don’t think I’ve sung to Brent or Teresa. Don’t think opportunity has come up to sing to either of them. I guess that will be one of the signs that I really love someone; is if I sing to them.