The Book of Questions – Question #207

Do you enjoy sleeping in physical contact with your lover?

Yes, I do. There’s nothing like the naked body warmth of a human body next to you and are attracted to. There is just something so comforting about spooning, regardless if you are the big spoon or the little spoon. It’s just a natural and basic state to be in. It’s one of the few ways/positions that humans can be relaxed, like truly relaxed. It’s why we have body pillows, which is a substitute but a poor one at best.

Having said that, I am pro large bed, esp for married couples. Queen size is a minimum to be comfortable. I wish I would have got a king or Cali King bed instead of a queen, even though it probably wouldn’t have fit in my room. Because after you are done with all the making out, blanket tents, pillow fights, sweaty hot sex and warm afterglow spooning, you just want your own space just to pass out on with no fear of the covers being taken or being pushed off the bed by your space hogging partner.