The Book Of Questions – Question #143

Do you ever spit or pick your nose in public? What about cleaning your teeth with a toothpick?

I might spit in public occasionally if I have a cold and build up of mucus or if I swallowed a fly or something. Buying don’t make a habit of doing it. It’s kinda gross, but I can see the sometime necessity of it. I remember in Korea has a kid how common it was for the older men and women to spit in public. And we’re talking nice size loogies (I had to look that up and force spell check to take it).

Anyway, spitting is kinda not pleasant to see, but I don’t mind too much.
Now picking the nose in public is def. a no-no. The only ones that should be picking their noses in public are little kids and then their parents should be discouraging them of doing it. In Korea, they would close one of their nostrils with their fingers, and then blow launching the snot rocket to the ground. Yuck. There are a few rare cases where you pick your nose, but never in public…or in a car next to a bus where all the passengers can see you enthusiastically mine for gold.

Toothpick cleaning I’m not happy with, but it’s ok I guess. I get annoyed when I see people toothpicking without covering their mouth. The same with people that walk around it a toothpick in their mouths. Is it like a nervous tic or something? Or is it to keep from grinding your teeth? Or just oral fixation? I’m no on toothpicking, but if others do it, c’est la vie.