Old people racism 

I probably should post something about what happened yesterday with the old Asian lady at work. I don’t think she spoke much English, but she refused to let me help her find what she was looking for. I didn’t think too much about it when I saw her with someone else cause that happens enough times with customers in that they remember something that they need afterwards. But the look she gave me when she was ready to be rung up, then I knew that she didn’t like black people. I wasn’t offered or anything by it though,; I just got Heidi to take over and ring her up. In a way it was kinda funny because the lady was so cute/comical about the whole thing. She wasn’t rude, but she wasn’t that subtle about the situation. It just brought me back to my childhood in Korea where I had to deal with situations like that at a younger age. Living in the Bay Area an in large cities for so long, we are so used to seeing subtle racism that its shocking when the racism is so blatant and in your face like that. Reminds me of when April and I went to the mall in Medford and the stares we got because we were a interracial couple.  But, even my parents have one or two lingering racial things that make me cringe. And I have my own discrimitory thoughts about things that I fight myself over.

*sigh* I’ll just have to wait until the aliens attack the earth for all of my thoughts to go away so I can focus on taking the Earth back for Humans.