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The sad thing is that I have another box of Girl Scout cookies that (hopefully) arrived at my house today.

**edit** Later that night…

Crossy Road.

165! New top score on #crossyroad.

One of the things I do when I’m in a dead zone on the ferry.

Joe Rogers


What color is my shirt!?!

OMG!!!  Someone tell me if this shirt is gold or black?!?  I can’t tell!!!


Colby’s nightly ear scratching. 

Quizfreak – How Well Do You Know Southern Lingo?

Quizfreak – How Well Do You Know Southern Lingo?.

How Well Do You Know Southern Lingo?

You got 11 questions correct: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

True Southern Linguist!

Wow! Whether you’re from the South, love the South, or just happen to know these fun and popular phrases, you are a True Southern Linguist! We bet you just had a hankerin’ to take a Southern lingo quiz, didn’t you? Of course, not everyone from the South uses these phrases, and we certainly know some people in the North that do, but it’s always a fun test to see if we can define popular slang terms and phrases from different cultures! Anyway, think your friends know their Southern lingo? Before you get all gussied up and skedaddle, share this quiz and let’s see how well they do!


If sleep is indeed the cousin of death, coffee is the cool uncle that lets you stay up past your bedtime.


Early morning ferry life




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Waiting for the ferry. Coffee hasn’t completely kicked in yet

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What City in California Should You Live In?

You should live in…

Santa Barbara

If you’d prefer to live on the Riviera but you’ve got to stay stateside, this is the place for you. With its gorgeous scenery and Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara charms everyone. Particularly celebrities, who have the money to buy the mind-blowing homes on offer here.

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What City in California Should You Live In?

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