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What Kind Of Video Game Is Your Life?


You got: Arcade Game


You’re intuitive, trustworthy, and able to light up anyone’s day in a flash. Fads don’t interest you much — they’re too superficial. Instead, you’re focused on the next stage and are a master problem solver. You’ve endured some trials along the way, but life has delivered many permanent friends!

What Element Are You?

Your element is WATER. There is a lot of depth to you, probably much more than you let on. You prefer peace and little conflict but have no issue standing your ground when you are wronged. You have deep emotional currents, some you can’t even explain, many might be intuitive. You must remember that despite your strong empathy that you cannot judge people so quickly. You also need to learn that it is okay to say no. Your avoidance of problems leaves you in more trouble then when you deal with them. That aside you are seen to be full of love and wonderful energy. You can relax people and bring them back to a healthy state from a toxic one.

What Period In History Do You Actually Belong In?

You hit 25 out of 72 on the History List!

20th Century Fox / Via

You actually belong in Bohemian Paris! You’re creative and a hopeless romantic. Passion and company with your friends are more important to you than the latest smartphone. You wouldn’t just survive with the creative minds in turn-of-the-century Paris — You would THRIVE.

San Francisco Bulls Hockey

SF Bulls Hockey Jersey

Getting some Bay Area Swag before the move to the Pacific Northwest.


UCSF Graduation

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Living the life


The cat life, that is. Just relaxing and soaking in the sun on a beautiful SF day.

Cleaning out my closet


Ren Faire 2007

Panic Attack while driving

Having a panic attack while driving is so much fun.  Hyperventilating, rushing thoughts, delusions, almost running into another vehicle.  Tons of fun.

Of course it’s my own fault for forgetting to take my medicine this morning before I left the house.  I probably should put a bottle of my pills in the car just in case this happens again.

**sigh**  Two months before I leave my job and move from The Bay to Washington and I’m already panicking.  I wonder if these two months will be too short or too long.

Eviction Notice


The countdown has officially started…