Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Quotes are back up

Found a Random Tagline plugin so I could add my quotes back to the header of this blog.  Took some of them out since they were dated.  Think I’m going to call it quits for right now and figure out how the layout of this blog should be.  I wonder if there is a Facebook to WordPress plugin.  Also need to find some free San Francisco pictures or go out and take some of my own.


More testing


Yogurt at yumi yogurt.

A new blog

I probably should have sketched out what I was going to do with this blog before deleting the old one and installing WordPress.  Oh Well.

having some trouble inserting my quote generator into the header of this blog.  Also can’t find the Moveable Type theme of San Francisco that I had before.  I guess I will have to find or come up with a new theme.

So much to do.  I just hope I can focus on this and keep it up instead of letting it stagnate like the old blog.

Test 3

Test from my iPhone.


Testing from Live Writer