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Describing happiness

Too often, I use my blog just to talk about the bad or the negative that goes on in my life.  And I tend to avoid the good and positive that goes on in my life.  I tend to keep those feeling deep inside of me where I can hoard them and keep them to myself.  Maybe that’s not a good thing and maybe that’s why I have so few happy memories; because I lock them up inside of me and toss away the key.  Well, this is my attempt to describe a happy moment.

My happy moment for the week is sitting in a Jacuzzi full of hot water after a massage, semi floating in the water.  Only semi floating, because there are few Jacuzzis that I can truly sit in and float in completely.  Across from me is a beautiful woman with a peaceful look on her face, with all of her problems and concerns just floating away.  This beautiful woman trust me enough to spend the night with me and sleep with me in the king size bed that is next to us in the Jacuzzi.  But that’s not the real happy moment.  The real happy moment is that this beautiful woman can make me happy with a happiness that I haven’t felt in quite a while by just being around her.  A natural happiness that I haven’t experience in a long time.  Hopefully I give her the same happiness that she gives me.

Not a very good description, but it is hard for me to put it in words.  Is that bad?

New Mustang

Have to admit that they look pretty mustang


Explosion while an explosion is happening on TV.  That gots to count for some style points.  Meanwhile, I really hate my medication.  I mean really hate it right about now.

at least i still have my hearing

The teen repellent will no longer foil you, but you can still hear some pretty high tones.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 16.7kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!

My parents are crazy

And I love them for it

Why spend $75 on a professional facial…

When my mom can give me one for free Journal Entry (Sometime in June 2003)

Note: Think it refers to this post Journal Entry (Sometime in July 2004)

Note: The title refers to July 2004, but the link went to June 2004, so I’m going to use a post from June instead of July.

Note #2: Went to the Blurty journal and found out that I didn’t post anything on there in June and only one thing in July, so it has to refer to this post.

Brain cells lost

From watching Balls of Fury.

Unfortunately, my mom is right

I do look a little like a fat Budda.