The end of an era

I’m here at the Metreon downtown waiting to watch The Watchman. I’m actually here early thanks to Muni, which was on time for a change. It’s kind of sad being here at the Metreon and seeing how the passing of time has affected it. I was here when it first opened up. It was def. a shrine to the entertainment and tech at the time. The Sony store was a temple to all things Sony. The PlayStation store had all of the newest and greatest games. The arcade had a Battletech simulator and a video bowling alley with bar. There was even an animatronic restaurant based on Where The Wild Thing Are. This was the first theater i went to that had stadium seating and gourmet food you could order. Going to the Metreon was a special treat for blockbuster movies Years later and the Metreon is showing it’s age. Most of the restaurants and stores are closed. The PlayStation store is closing and the Microsoft store is now some haunting shrine to those crane game you can never win at. I guess this is what happens to all malls or movie theaters. Sigh, the kids next to me are syncing their watches like it’s a mission or something. It’s cute to say the least.