The Noble Tiger (Yin) – The “Go-Getter”

from The Definitive Book of Chinese Astrology

Polarity: yang (positive)

Food/Beverage: Poultry, Carbonated Sodas

Sign Order: Third
Flower: Violet

Symbolism: Military Salute
Gem: Amethyst

Lucky Color: Purple
Feng Shui Direction: East-Northeast

Fragrance: Citrus
Lucky Number: Seven

Flavor: Sour

The third position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger, is captivating, extreme, and rebellious.  Those souls born into Tiger years learn the lesson of “nobility,” and are symbolized by the respectable salute of honor from a subordinate to their leader.  This classic “hero” type of personality represents power, courage, and action without forethought.

The Tiger plays for stakes and aims to win at the game of life.  The competitive and self assured Tiger seeks challenges and audience approval, and is fiercely independent.  This fiercely self-reliant soul may appear gruff and tough on the outside, yet they are tenderhearted and affectionate towards those whom they love.

Because the Tiger is an animal of the yang disposition, it is their nature to be energetic, confident, and to end up in first place.  The three unrivaled qualities of those born into Tiger years are courage, enthusiasm, and protectiveness.  Tigers condemn shallow displays of sincerity, meddling, and all forms of personal criticism.

The most harmonious time of each day for the Tiger is between 3 a.m and 5 a.m.  These are the predawn hours when the yang force grows, and during which the Tiger refuels their endless energy and unfailing self-confidence.  Little distinction exists between the genders of this sign.  Both are graced with a strong character and great powers of resistance.  Whether male or female, their immense energy allows Tigers to undertake sizable projects.

Essential Temperament

Tigers are engaging and dramatic companions who reject the mundane, preferring to search out the challenges and conquests in life.  Tigers love to tempt fate and are always ready to set out on a new adventure or project.  Legend states that the Tiger has the ability to appear and disappear at will.  Tigers can be secretive, stealthily walking a tightrope between life and death.

The pleasure-loving Tiger enjoys attending parties and socializing and is the most charming and spirited of hosts.  Eager to pleas, lively, and gregarious, Tigers have a special personal aura and magnetism that entices others.  Tigers love the unforeseen and they adore wandering about at random without knowing what to expect.  They tempt fate, take chances, and fight for noble ideals.

Tigers are naturally empowered with a sense of superiority and permission to pass through life.  They possess a natural attitude of “empowered entitlement” in their thinking; they also display unwavering courage, leadership, and visionary plans of action.  The Tiger’s wisdom provides willpower in the face of adversity and the ability to act in a timely manner.

The fields of endeavor that appeal most to Tigers are the ones that allow them to protest and fight for the rights of the ostracized.  Tigers tend to be dissatisfied with the existing state of things and need to flex their muscles from time to time.  Politics may fascinate the Tiger until they discover that it is a dirty game; they will then abandon this field because Tigers are nobly honest and offended by self-interest.  The Tiger must pursue a career that offers sufficient dignity and challenge.

The Other Side – The Tiger’s Duality

In contrast to their many admirable attributes, unenlightened Tigers can be careless, obstinate, rebellious, and undisciplined.  Recklessness and hasty actions without analysis represents the Tiger’s energy being directed in a most unproductive form.  Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes rebellion to the point of mutiny, outward toughness, boorishness, excessive envy, haste, bossiness, and imprudent thrill-seeking to the point of injury.  The choices lies entirely with the individual.  Taken to extreme, antisocial or oppositional/defiant personality disorders may develop.

Gifts And Capabilities

Tigers are playful, adventurous in the extreme, and always courageous.  They are also deeply sensitive and public-spirited.  Here one finds a soul who will always stand with friends and family during hard times.  During a crisis, a Tiger will travel long and far to reach a loved one in trouble.  According to Chinese legend, once provoked to rage, the Tiger are so fierce that only someone who does not care whether they live or die can combat them.

The humanitarian Tiger is thought to be protective and lucky, fending off the three main disasters of a household:fire, thieves, and evil spirits (Sha Chi).  To live with a Tiger is to jump into their domain of activity.  Their dynamic personality takes over their world.  There is a kingly, majestic aura surrounding Tigers, and they tend to be “bigger than life” in all endeavors.  They are usually in a hurry and others have difficulty keeping up with them.  Whether in the role of dynamic zealot or fearless pioneer, Tigers detest halfhearted efforts.

Travel is many times a favorite leisure activity. Exotic getaways where tourists are rare suit Tigers well.  Safaris, adventurous excursions, record=breaking mountain climbs, and sport records keep the brave Tiger youthful and healthy well into middle age.  Caution regarding physical exhaustion must be exercised and Tigers must take time out for rest and relaxation.

Although loyal and generous, Tigers prefer to be in charge and never remain long in a subordinate position.  Tigers have little tolerance for foolishness or incompetence and can be rash when revolting against authority and superiors.  Boredom will sap the life from a Tiger; therefore, yesterday’s occupation is not usually today’s passion.  Tigers are well known for their frequent job changes and for numerous changes of residence.

The Child

Tiger children are little dynamos and frequent visitors to the emergency room for various injuries.  Due to the immense energy and risk-taking behavior of Tiger children, they have more than their share of childhood accidents.  This is not an easy child to rear and there will be trouble at times.

Rebellious and demanding, busy Tiger children resist bedtimes and other schedule restrictions.  They need large amounts of affection combined with firm limits.  patience with, and investments in, Tiger offspring are worth every grey hair.  Most will bring great pride to their families through celebrated accomplishments in life.

Home and Hearth

naturally an adventurer and conqueror, all Tigers are heads of their households.  Tiger parents sincerely attempt to instill concepts of moderation and virtue, but may have trouble practicing what they preach to their offspring.  A disciplined Tiger is an inspiring influence on their offspring, allowing them to seek excitement and encouraging them to expand their horizons.  tigers can also be overbearing with their youngsters and caution must be exercised with children who are hypersensitive or who hate to be rushed (Snakes, Pigs, and Rats).

The most favorable time of year for the Tiger is mid-March to mid-April, when new life has emerged and is in full bloom.  The sensual Tiger comes alive with the tranquillizing perfume of spring.

Tigers love to entertain, and do so with flair.  They make witty and boisterous conversation and serve lavish meals, asking nothing more than to be the center of attention.

Auspicious Careers

The Tiger favors anything in which they have a leadership role. If not bored, the Tiger will have a chance to advance further.  The Tiger was born to be in charge.  They do not not like to take orders and excel at being the boss.  The Tiger is creative and destructive, offensive and defensive.  This trait can be used to run several different careers or businesses at one time.  Although lucky and competent in making money, Tigers find that it slips easily through their paws.  Enjoyment and comfort, not saving for a rainy day, are the Tiger’s main objectives.

Many Tigers are performers, actors, singers, and musicians.  Tigers are also found in unusual and sometimes dangerous occupations, including matadors, chief driver on a racing team, stunt person, world explorer, military head, revolutionary, or mercenary. The natural role for a Tiger is that of commander-in-chief.  The most dismal positions for Tigers are those of a servant or lower subject.

Element Combination

The Wood Tiger is a more sedate personality.  They are not as impetuous as other Tigers and prefer to look before they leap.  Impartial and a good judge of character, they are intellectual and understand the importance of team effort.  Wood Tigers will have diverse friends, some from unusual or eccentric lifestyles.  Group efforts bring them great popularity.  The Wood Tiger changes professions frequently, as this Tiger outgrows positions, moving ever upward.

The Tiger And Love

The Tiger’s need for passion and new triumphs can produce an adventure movie of a love life.  Impetuous and impassioned, Tigers discover their sensuality early in life.  These souls are deeply feeling and sentimental, but they must part ways with a relationship that has become boring, unchallenging, or claustrophobic.  Tigers have a need to respect their lovers.  They possess an independent soul and require much personal space.  Tigers need a soul mate that is ready and eager to follow them.  Physically restless, the earthly Tiger is protective, territorial and always in forward motion.  Romantically intense and possessive Tigers thrive on risk and are know to seek out challenging mates.

Romantically, the best match for the Tiger is anyone born during Horse or Dog years; however, their true soul mate is found with the honest and obliging Pig.  They are wise to be cautious in love relationships with Monkeys, Snakes, and other Tigers.


Brave Tiger, a little error can lead to a large discrepancy.  Slow down and think matters through.  Remember that “provisions should be arranged before an army is mobilized”.” Proper preparations should occur in advance to ensure success.  Your gift of action without forethought serves you well if working as a paramedic or on the front lines of a battlefield.  However, impulsive actions have a way of coming back to haunt you (not to mention putting you in traction).  The squeaky wheel get the oil.  The strong are expected to be strong.  I know it’s not fair, but it is your reality.  Share your burdens with others – this does not compromise your independence.  Confide your sorrows as well as triumphs to a loyal Dog, a cheerful Horse, or an honest Pig.

You have been given strong wings

That you might fly to the highest pinnacles

Of this life,

And a clear, keen eye

To behold the farthest horizons

Of your dreams.

The sheltered cliff of fear

Cannot hold you.

You shall soar on roaring winds of change

In splendid flight.