Hot Sticky Rice Explosion

The weather up here today has been really weird; I’ve seen it sunny, cloudy, windy, raining, and snowing so far.  Just waiting for hail and for frogs to fall out of the sky.
To start out this story, for Christmas a few years ago I got my mom a $300 rice cooker.  Now this $300 rice cooker has like five million settings.  There are settings for every single kind of rice, different levels of pressure cooking, etc., etc. To top it off it talks to you in Korean.  My mom loves it.  It’s way too much rice cooker for me. Here’s a picture of an older model (I think)
So the last time I was up here, I made rice and my mom said that it was too dry and I didn’t use enough water.  As anyone that has grown up in an Asian family knows, you use the knuckle method to figure out how much water you put in with your rice to cook it.  So I’m making some rice today and I’m using the knuckle method to figure out how much water to put in an I remember my mom complaining that the rice was dry the last time.  So I kind of disregarded the knuckle method and put in some extra water.
So later the I come down to check on the rice and I find out that the rice cooker is covered in a hot, stick, opaque mess.  Apparently, I had put in too much water and changed the pressure setting on the rice cooker.  It literally looked like the rice cooker was fucking something and just came all over the place.  I wish my cell phone wasn’t broken so that I could have taken a picture of it.
**sigh**  At least something in this house is climaxing.  I just wish it was me.