Reviewing the resolutions….

Last Year’s Resolutions
So how did I do?

  1. Have failed miserably.  Am at approx. 240lbs.  O.K., no approx.  I am 240lbs.  Things are def. not fitting now.
  2. Honestly can’t remember the last time that I went to the gym.  Maybe last spring?
  3. Another failure.  Gave up trying to get freezer space and just went to (insert fast food chain here)
  4. I looked a bit an almost moved.  But all of the places are either too expensive or in unsafe neighborhoods.  Of course, I only looked in SF and didn’t look out of the city.
  5. Didn’t tear up the cards, but didn’t spend either.  I think that I went to Macy*s once or twice and got only sale items.  After dealing with ShopNBC, I am def. tearing up that card when I pay it off
  6. Failed this one too.  Drunken Valentine Day Massacre.  Drunken Summer.  It’s taken a blood test showing that my liver might be in trouble to stop me from drinking.
  7. No camera/pictures a day.  I barely took a picture of myself at all.
  8. Missed Rent on Broadway.  Did not leave the state except to go to WA to see my parents.  Never taking Greyhound again.
  9. Actually have been working on this one.  It is a bit more organized than at the beginning of the year.
  10. Fail.
  11. No friends; only co-workers and roommates
  12. Failed Spectacularly
  13. I resolution that I actually 100% succeeded in.  And it was good. Just wonder how long I will have to wait until the next time.