The heat does things to the mind

So today, Aaron thanked me for moving my TV out into the living room.  I was kind of surprised, it must be the heat, which actually made the living room a pleasant place to be in and not the ice box that it usually is.

Still all of the junk food that I have been eating and soda that I have been drinking finally caught up to me today as I had to leave work early today (I think it was dehydration/heat exhaustion among other things).  Not that it was super hot today, but the store has an awful air circulation system, and I def. wasn’t drinking enough water.  Have to make sure that I drink plenty tomorrow since it is going to be hotter.

The bigger question is when am I going to start going to the gym again.  It’s sad that I’m using the lack of a water bottle as the reason that I’m not going.  I should just buy another one at work or at the Walgreens or Rite Aid that is next to the gym.

Actually the biggest question is what is it going to take for me to pull myself together.