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Who Am I?

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE  – I know nothing about the origins of my name except that Joseph means God Will Increase in Hebrew, Lamont is French, and Rogers means “Famous Spear”.

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED – This last weekend.

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING  – No, my handwriting is so sloppy that I should have been a doctor.


5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS?  Nope. Continue reading

The end of the birthday

Well, the good news is that I matched last years birthday card count.

And I got cake from Ambrosia Bakery.

And I was able to fake my way through the day.

Tomorrow I get to give a deposition about my car accident from last July.  Not sure how much more I can add to “A dump truck backed into my car and almost ran over me”.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

To be honest, I’m not expecting much from this upcoming year.  Next year when I hit 35, then I can have the midlife crisis.

But maybe this is what I need, not to have any expectations at all.  All the shit that happens to you, good or bad, usually happens when you least expect it.

Deposition tomorrow; inventory on Saturday and Sunday; Mario Kart on Tuesday.

Here’s a picture so I can remind myself what I look like a year from now


Nail in coffin…

Well, after a day of being a chickenshit about the whole issue, I think I just put the final nail in the coffin in regards to the chapter with me and policewoman.

Either that or she can fake the sleeping voice thing as well as I can.

**smacks palm to forehead**

The Birthday begins…

I would be perfectly happy just holing myself up in my room today, and I’m still somewhat considering it.

But I really do have to go to work.  So much to do before inventory.

**sigh**  Chin up; smile on.

The dream…

So I was in my office with Monica, Amber, and Steve Madonna.  The office had been remodeled and there were new computers and the seating arrangement has been switched.  Monica was now where Amber usually sits; Amber was off to the side; and Steve was to my left.  I was playing with the new monitors and figured out that I could resize them from 19″ to 24″ and I wondered why no one had told me that.  I remember Rob, the General Manager coming in and me giving him a hug.  And there was a picture of me and Teresa on my computer screen and I was asking Steve a question.

The biggest WTF is Steve Madonna.  Why would Steve be in my dreams?  Don’t know why I would think about him or what would have triggered a memory of him.  Of course knowing what I do about Steve, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had invented some machine that could allow him to travel through dreams.

Today is my Birthday…

And all I can think about is slitting my wrists.

Which is pretty sad, because I have lots to live for.  Except right now I can’t see those reasons.

Maybe if I took my head out of the sand, I would be able to see them.

But I can’t stop the downward spiral that I feel that I am on.

The one that I am always on.

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