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My Celebrity Look-alikes


What’s Your Datability?


You could attract a mate with a score of 5.88 or worse based on your score. If you are heterosexual, the below are faces that represent the corresponding levels of attractiveness.

 2361895264_fa1ba476ab_o* Images represent a composite made from rated faces on (Link)

Why I am working on Easter Sunday

Because obviously I have no life I’d rather be alone than with my roommates No family to hang out with at work Feeling sick and just want to be utterly alone. Because I have some sense of obligation to my job Because my Final64 brackets are shot to hell (with a shotgun no less) And side note, what the fuck is a Torero?

**Shakes Fist In The Sky**



Game On, Bitches!!!


At The Mall….


Hopefully, I can transfer this over to my blog.

Waiting in line for Super Smash Brothers Melee(or is it Brawl.) It’s like the wait for WOW expansion, but inside instead of out. If I was smart, I would have charged up the UMPC. Oh well. What I hope is that the TV is free and Sang Yup isn’t watching Food network.

It’s kind of weird, the mix of geeks and good looking Asian girls. Def. An experience. The tournament is going on inside the store, but my ego is still fragile that I would be crushed if I lost to some 12 year old (and according to the clerk, it has already happened twice.

Anyway, I am hoping that this will take me mind off of all that is going on in my life. It’s either this or go back to WOW. This will be a bit cheaper. Hopefully, the Wi-Fi aspect of the game will be good. I could challenge Shawn, maybe Mew, and def. My brother. And I have to decide if I want to bring the TV to Matt’s/Tyler’s for a little Wii gaming party. I’m just a bit worried about an drunk-fuelled Wii controller going through my screen. Something to think about as I inhale geek stink. Or is that me I’m smelling?

Chinese fortune ink blog entry


What’re You Worth in Bed?


Supposedly, I’m below average, but I think that would be happy being a $1000/hr. call-boy, I guess.

I wonder if some of the people that I’ve slept with think that I’m $1000 or $1.