Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

Where are you…

I wish that I didn’t loose your phone number cause I can use you tonight…

“Bad” Taurus Magnet

Photo 6

need to find the “Good” Taurus magnet and take a picture of that one…

Taurus’s Sun Profile

Taurus, the second Sign of the Zodiac, is all about reward. Unlike the Arian’s love of the game, Taureans love the rewards of the game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this Sign revel in delicious excess. They are also a tactile lot, enjoying a tender, even sensual, touch. Taureans adore comfort and like being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. Along these lines, they also favor a good meal and a fine wine. The good life in all its guises, whether it’s the arts or art of their own making (yes, these folks are artistic as well), is heaven on Earth to the Taurean-born. Continue reading

which happy bunny are you?

which happy bunny are you?

congratulations. you are the “you smell like butt” bunny. your brutally honest and always say what’s on your mind.
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