From The Book of Destiny

The life purpose of those on the Way of Amplification is to choose a path and live it large – to live out loud.  To do this, they must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting their energy flitting from one project, interest, or person to another.  Individuals on the Way of Amplification are asked to create a life that is greater than who they think themselves to be or even the sum of their parts.  These individuals come into the world as Seekers and thus naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues.  On this karmic path, they will eventually learn to live according to such higher, broader, more expansive views.

Born with a pragmatic orientation, those on the Way of Amplification must take care not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and to reach for the stars.  of course, the hard-headed, commonsensical attitude that is their blessing is a fine gift and should never be abandoned, particularly in financial maters.  But unless those on this karmic path are ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises, they will sell themselves short and fail to achieve what they are capable of.

Interestingly, amplification is not mere expansion.  These individuals can easily expand their lives in many directions all at once in a rather willy-nilly fashion.  Amplification requires the selection of some particular aspect of self or some cause – preferably a higher cause – that is worthy of cultivation and growth.  After making such a choice, these men and women must apply the focus necessary to guarantee productivity and to create growth.  It is this single -mindedness of focus and care that results in greatness.  And it is this focus that is the core lesson of the Way of Amplification.  As much as they may be distracted by amusements or other passions, by keeping their minds fixed on one true thing in their lives the men and women on the Way of Amplification will, in a mysterious way, actually amplify and propel themselves into a mythic realm.

Many of those on this karmic path will put their energy in the service of a higher cause.  By abandoning a series of immediately gratifying but ultimately unproductive action and instead making a significant contribution to large-scale projects, they will increase their soul’s growth exponentially.  The first step in accomplishing this is redefining their self-image, specifically seeing themselves not so much as struggling individuals but as part of a larger whole, be it a cause, group, or team. This reorientation of their viewpoint may actually have rewards in the form of a rise in rank within a group over time.  Typically, they will experience a great sense of relief if they proceed along such lines, since moving upward also means moving away from an operation’s day-to-day concerns.  By doing so, those on this karmic path may at last be able to occupy themselves with higher thoughts and expansive plans and leave the worry about petty details to others. 

Finding the right moment for action is essential.  Blessed with excellent intuition, these individuals would do well to cultivate it and listen to it.  Although the core energy here is exploratory and risk-taking, this does not by any means guarantee a good sense of timing.  Both impatience and fussiness must be guarded against, since the former will lead to striking too soon; the latter too late.  Overshooting the mark is, of course, a danger on any karmic path as expansive as this one.  Part of the problem is that these individuals may not even be aware that they have made a miscalculation because they have a real problem acknowledging failure.  After all, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and proceeding ahead demands the recognition that you have fallen down in the first place!  In this respect, having an objective friend, mate, or relative who can be totally honest is often lifesaving.

For those on the Way of Amplification, the arena in which this process manifests itself most clearly is their career.  Often these individuals are destined for an out-of-the-ordinary level of career successes and are likely to become leaders.  Moving up through the ranks and growing in confidence and stature as part of an organization are often typical of those on the Way of Amplification.  While those on this karmic path have a bit of insecurity inside, this tends to give them the push they need to get to the top.  Once they arrive at an executive level, they often face two choices.  One is to take over the leadership of their company with enthusiasm, vigor, and vision.  The other is to leave corporate life and go off on their own, ultimately establishing themselves as consultants, entrepreneurs, writers, performers, or other authorities in their field.  No matter what their choice may be, those who successfully travel the Way of Amplification always leave a mark.  It should also be noted that such careers do not develop along traditional paths but tend to grow out of some passion or leisure-time activity.

Although others may be awed by the drive and vision of those on the Way of Amplification, this is not necessarily positive.  Once the process of growth has been undertaken, the life path chosen, and the core lesson of focus learned, those involved with these individuals may feel slighted when they apply themselves to their own great cause.  Understandably, such individuals do not always have the time, energy, or inclination to invest in building friendships, marriages, or abiding love affairs.  It is really not necessary or advantageous for those on the Way of Amplification to seek out other high-minded and bighearted individuals, who may in fact contribute to the risk of overexpansion of thought, word, and deed that characterizes some of those on this karmic path.  A steady, solid mate, one who has patience and understanding in abundance and a large dose of practicality besides, will prove to be the most beneficial.  Ultimately, however, this may prove to be a tall order, since potential partners may find it difficult to live in the shadows of their larger-than-life companions.

The most successful relationships for those on the Way of Amplification are in the family and professional spheres.  This is mainly because family members and colleagues are those who are likely to see them the most and also are usually the only ones the individuals on this karmic path feel comfortable turning to in time of need.  Proud to the extreme, they find it difficult to acknowledge neediness.  They will usually prefer to suffer rather than ask outright for assistance.  An understanding family member or college may be able to give help in a subtle manner without either party acknowledging it as such.  Family life is generally good for these people, since it is often a training ground in leadership.  A word of warning: The children of those on this path may feel neglected or extraneous, so those on this karmic path may want to think carefully about having children at all.

What is best for them, and perhaps even essential to their journey, is having the elbow room to move and grow.  being involved with a family, partner, school, or other organization that blocks this process can have disastrous consequences.  Since little can contain them, those on the Way of Amplification will usually overcome any obstacle.  However, understanding parents, teachers, and bosses will make the process less painful and more productive for all concerned.  As adolescents and young adults, these individuals will have a special need for professional tools that must be satisfied, whether special cameras, computers, design materials, or other tools they need to express their visions.  Usually money spent on such items is well invested for the future.

The image that best describes the Way of Amplification is from the fairy tale “The Seven-League Boots.”  So large and deep was this pair of boots that when worn they allowed their wearer to take gigantic strides.  In a sense, all those on the Way of Amplification must find a symbolic set of such shoes.  it is the discovery of their vehicle that enables these souls to really take off.  Secretly, those whose origin is the Gemini III Seeker want nothing more than to become Sagittarius III Titan, but often lacking focus, become disillusioned by their daily life.  Finding the right pair of boots will set them on their path and enable them to become the giants they always imagined themselves to be.


Aries-Taurus Cusp

Lavish and exciting personalities are apparent in those born on the Cusp of Power who travel the Way of Amplification.  Blessed with a profound sense of ambition, once they learn how to place it within the context of a bigger picture or a larger concept, they may enjoy tremendous career success.  this will be due in large measure to their rare capacity for prediction, particularly regarding matters of money and investment.  In short, they have an ability to analyze what people want and when they want it and in addition can usually even tune into what people will want five or ten years down the road.  They are also impervious to the concerns of others and would do well to cultivate the common touch.  Tending to immerse themselves in the world of their careers, they may close themselves off from personal and family connections, however, and run the risk of isolating themselves in a world of avarice, thus hindering their higher development.  Still, their impact on the world is assured and they are not likely to be soon forgotten.

Challenge: Softening Their Approach In Relationships

Fullment: Stepping Into A Leadership Role In Their Careers