Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Recovery

Recovering from my drive back from Washington. 

Oregon is much nicer when it’s not raining and there is sun light. 

Made the trip in 15 hours. Got home @ 1am in the morning.  Started the day @ 9am.

Did get home early enough to watch the repeat of Battlestar Galattica: Razor.  Good Stuff!  Can believe that I have to wait until March for Season 4 to begin.

Redding is a weird town, layout-wise

There is a Sonic Drive-in in Redding and Woodland.  Still too far away for me to drive too on a regular basis.  But if I am in Davis or Sacramento…

Looking at the presents I bought and wish that I would have stuck with gift cards instead.  Not that the gifts aren’t great gifts, but for the few people that are left, I have to hunt for that perfect gift within the budget.  And that means that I have to go to the mall.

I want soup, but I have to go to the mall

I have to exchange one of my presents, but that means going to the mall

**sigh** I am going to have to go to the mall