Home is where the heart is

I should be getting ready for my trip to Washington state, but my room is still messy, I haven’t packed and I didn’t get chains for my car.

The roommate are conversing outside.  **sigh** No matter what I do, I will never have a bond like they have.  They have been roommates for 5-6 years after all.  It’s a little lonesome, but it is the prison that I built for myself, after all.  like the fortune teller said, the door is open, all I have to do is to walk out the cage.  And yet, I just sit here, in the prison of my mind.  I am such a good warden to myself.  I’ve unlocked a few of my self-inflicted chains, but there are so many more that I need to unlock.

The weather report looks good; no sign of snow on the roads.  I probably should have gotten an oil change and a check-up.  However, tech. I’m still 3000 miles away from the first one, so maybe I can get away with it.  Will def. have to get one after I get back.

It will be good to be with the family again, to recharge my heart and soul.  I have this binder of work that I am/was planning on bringing up with me.  But I think that I want to leave it behind.  After the trip to SoCal and the upcoming work parties that I’m starting to dread, I think that I want a week of just not thinking about work.