Daily Archives: October 28, 2007

What I Want

More than winning the lottery, a rear view camera for my car, an extra inch or two on my manhood (not that I need it), or a loving fiancée soon to be wife, what I want right now is forgiveness. I want my friends and family to forgive me and I want to forgive myself.

I Won….

$400 off Laser hair removal. Yay? I don’t even remember entering any contests, but I guess that’s what happens when you are an alcoholic and you black out. Not sure it I need any hair removal; maybe trim the bikini line (cause I am always sporting the speedo :-p I wonder if they could get rid of the scars on my back? If nothing else, I can get rid of my hairy knuckles and toes; yes I am just one big neantherdal (sp?)


I think I saw a mouse today in my garage when I went to do laundry. Now I’m a little worried. I haven’t been the best housekeeper these last few weeks. But I don’t think I’ve been that messy. Still, I guess it’s time to do some housecleaning

missing scales

So I went to 24hr fitness to weigh myself and there were no scales. How do you have a gym without scales to weigh yourself? The good thing about having no money is that you can’t eat when you are bored or depressed. Found a can of soup that was still good to eat. Also found enough change to get dessert. Yay for waxy daunts! Anyway, tomorrow will either be staying in bed starving and conserving strength. Or, I have enough gas to drive to Fry’s to buy a new hard drive and whatever food I can charge on my Fry’s card.