Daily Archives: October 6, 2007

I’ve lost the ability to read, I think…

Maybe I’m loosing the ability to read?  That’s not it either.

Here’s the stitch (I saw an episode of Kim Possible for the first time recently, so now I know what the hell that comes from)

Anyway…I used to be an avid book reader.  I have a bookcase and it’s full of books.  I have even more books up at my parents house waiting for me to get a real house so I can make one room into a library for all of those books and more.

Well, I have several books from the library and the bookstore that I have not read:

So the problem is that I can’t get into any of these books.  I can’t even force myself to read them.  I’ve never had that problem before.  I think I’ve noticed it before, but just thought it was that I was too busy to read the books that I check out.  But it’s not just books.  I have all of these movies that I recorded off of T.V. that I haven’t seen and I can’t watch them either.  I just zone off to who know where.  I wonder if I am getting Alzheimer’s or something?