4th wrap-up

As usual, I let my inner demons and fears get the best of me.  When to BBQ and had a great time and plenty of good food.  Went out later to see fireworks and am now home nursing a slight hangover.  I really can’t drink anymore, not sure why I tried today.  Still, a few minutes online, and I realize just how ugly I still am.  **sigh**

Anyway, I am going to go to sleep and try to get up early tomorrow in order to hit the beach.  I need to stop at Target to get a towel and some food for the day.  Going to go and relax with my book, and my notepad.  Might bring the UMPC, but doubt it.  Probably won’t be too many people there since tomorrow is a work day, but who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone.  The main goal is to relax and enjoy myself.

Oh yeah, Fry’s called and it’s time to pick up my TV.  I am going to hate to give up the loaner set they gave me (26″ Samsung HDTV), but it’ll be nice to have 32″ of TV screen space.  I wonder if I should pack up the TV and take it with me tomorrow, picking up the replacement TV on my way home from the beach….something to sleep on.