T.V. Habits

I don’t watch as much T.V. has I used to…Actually, I don’t know.  I have the T.V. on all the time, but mostly it is background noise.  Still there are alot of shows that I watch:

  • Monday Night Raw(USA) – I am still somewhat of a wrestling fan, although I am finally getting tired of it.  I know that it is fake, but I liked the storylines that they had in the past.  Now, the stories suck and the wrestling looks more fake than ever.  I kinda watch it just for habit now, but the last couple of weeks, I’ve been going to the gym instead.
  • Eureka(SCI-FI) – I am really liking this show about an ordinary cop in a town with extraordinary people.  The stories have been good so far and I like the characters.
  • ECW(SCI-FI) – I started watching this cause I heard all about how ECW was suppose to be Extreme and the wrestlers were suppose to be really good.  So far, I haven’t been impressed, esp. since it just seems to be Raw and Smackdown wrestlers on the show.  I’ll probably stop watching it.
  • Blade the series (Spike) – I wasn’t sure about this show, esp. when they killed off a main character in the 2nd episode.  But any vampire show with a child vampire can’t be all bad.  Right?  And the lead female vampire are bitchy hot (like all female vampires should be).  The multiple storylines are great also.
  • CSI (Spike) – Didn’t used to be a CSI fan, but slowly got sucked into it.  If I have the TV on between 7-9pm, then it is usually what I’m watching.  It’s probably all fake, but I like how the CSI stuff works and I like trying to see if I can guess the case.
  • Friday Night Smackdown (CW) – See Monday Night RAW
  • The Daily Show (Comedy)– I love the Daily Show.  It is one of the smartest, funniest shows on TV today.  Hands down.
  • The Colbert Report(Comedy) – Colbert is also a God along with Jon Stewart.  Although, I not that interested in the interview part, The Word segment is the funniest thing hands down.
  • Adult Swim (Cartoon) – It the only place where I can see anime on TV.
  • ABC News – This is my 5-7pm news of choice.
  • Namaste America I don’t watch Sat cartoons anymore, not because I am in my 30’s, but because the cartoons today just suck.  My new Saturday fix is watching Bollywood music videos.  If I was a music star, I would have to get a Bollywood director to direct one of my videos.

There are four other shows that I kinda watch. Celebrity Fit Club, Project Runway, Rescue Me, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  They are good shows, but I am always missing them, so I just see them from time to time.