QotD: Check the Mailbox!

What magazines do you subscribe to, and why

  1. The Sporting News – I got this magazine mainly for my old employees at the warehouse, Tim and Mark.  They left and I left,  but the magazine still comes.  Now it’s Josef and Tony at the warehouse, but they aren’t real sports guys.  Not sure when the subscription will end.
  2. Computer Gaming World – I like to keep tabs on the PC gaming world, even though the only thing that I play is World of Warcraft.
  3. Electronic Gaming Monthly – Also like to keep tabs on the consoles, even though I don’t have one.  I think it’s just leftover from when I wanted to be a game designer a long time ago.
  4. Computer Shopper – I like to keep tabs on computer prices and the latest equipment.  I’m not ready to build a new computer yet, but the idea is slowly simmering in my head.  I will have to build a new computer when I finally upgrade to MS Vista.  But to be honest, there isn’t special about Vista that makes me want to get it when it finally comes out.  If anything Apple is looking pretty good, esp. the Macbooks.  Overall, it will be awhile before I get a new computer.  A new monitor would be nice though(esp. a 30″ Apple Cinema Display.  Mmmmm….30″)
  5. Art Materials Retailors – Trade magazine for stores that sell art supplies.
  6. Mr. – Trade magazine for men clothing stores.  Not sure how I got this subscription. It doesn’t really does me any good, since we are a college store (and I am not a buyer). But it’s nice to look at the latest fashions (that I will never wear).