World of Warcrack…

I vaguely remember telling myself that after I had reached level 40 with my character, that I was going to take a break from playing this game. I also remember saying that after I got my mount, that I was going to take a break.
Forget about it.
I just can’t stop playing this game. I seriously haven’t been addicted to a game like this since my Civilization II phase. Even my Evercrack addiction wasn’t this bad. If I was still in school, I would def. be failing the semester.
Right now, I am not liking how my character looks. The armour that she has on not really makes her look like a slut. Basicly, it’s a Law of Anime/Manga principle going on which states that the less armour/protection you have, the harder it is for someone to hit/shoot you. I guess that the monsters/enemies and their friends are too busy waiting for me to dance, which makes me harder to hit (WOW reference).
I have so many quests that I have to finish and they are all over both contenents. And this doesn’t even include the dungeon quests. Mainly, I’m a soloist, and just go around doing stuff by myself. I occasionally join up with other, mainly the dungeons. Although, I have almost solo’d a few dungeons. It hurts me in the fact that all the best items are in the dungeons, so I lose out on that end.
I have been thinking about joining a PVP server, but right now I suck at dueling against others. Right off the back, I’m disadvantaged because I’m a warrior. But I mean I have got my ass handed to me by guys +5 levels lower than me. How embarrassing.
The other thing is that I collect way too much stuff. I am such a pack rat, and my bank has all of this stuff that I don’t need, like items from old quest and stuff. I really should clean house. I could buy another slot, but I can’t make myself pay 25g for one.
I think that is all that I will bore anyone reading this with. Tonight I will post pictues of my mount and my hoochy armour set.