fleeting emotions

Can’t understand how I could feel so good one day and so crappy the next…
I am so done with work in so many ways. SO MANY WAYS. Still, I am just going to bend over and take it in the ass like a good boy.
After staying late at work, went to the mall to see a friend real quick and to do some shopping. Which turned into forever for some reason. Odds are that I just return everything tomorrow. Why do I even try anymore.
So apparently I had a dream that Amber called me and I made plans to goto her improv show tonight. Only problem is that it wasn’t a dream. Sorry Amber. 🙁
I had this running plan of stuff that I wanted to talk about, but now that I am finally home, I think that i just want to curl up in my blankets.
I don’t even think that I will log on to WOW tonight.