Old Computer Stuff

Yep, that’s a 28.8 modem. A true speed demon back in the 90’s. It was def. faster than the 14.4 modem that was in the AST P60. P60 as in Pentium 60.

Some of the games that I was playing. The Bard’s Tale 1&2, Ultima VII, Dragon Wars, Eye Of The Beholder, and Sentinel Worlds Vol.1. Some classic role playing games there. The Bard’s Tale was a great game and the 2nd one was even better. Eye Of The Beholder was the start of a classic series. Dragon Wars and Sentinel Worlds were both great games. And Ultima VII was one of the greatest games ever. I think The Bard’s Tale was on on or 2 disks, Eye of the Beholder was on 2 disks also. But Ultima 7 took 6-7 disks total to install. **sigh** They don’t make games like those anymore.

One thought on “Old Computer Stuff

  1. Wow those are some old ass computer parts! I remember 28.8 was the bomb in internet technology. hahahaha…
    RYC: I did go to Macworld. As sick as I am, my ass still went. I didn’t get anything though. I have free passes if you want to go.
    Oh no! You’re getting the sickness too! Damn you Elephant Bar! hahaha.. take care. Keep warm and drink lots of fluids.