Another Sat. work day

So here I am at work once again on a Sat. What a dedicated worker I am. What an inspiration I am to my fellow employees; so self-sacrificing; giving one for the team.
Yeah, whatever…
Of course, I realize that the only reason that I am here is because I have nothing else to do with my life. O.K., scratch that. I am to scared/chicken-shit/depressed/looser to do anything with my life other than hide out in my room and away from society.
To be honest, I truly thought that I could beat whatever was wrong with me. Back in Feb/Mar, I thought that if I pushed away everything around me and just buckle down and focus, that I would be able to straighten everything out and figured out just before my birthday. Very delusional of me….
Hmmmm. This post was originally going to be about what I was thankful for. A somewhat happier post. Maybe later on in the day, I might be a little happier. I guess I should get some work done.