Oh no she didn’t…

So I’m at work and the TV is on Oprah while I am recieving an order. The theme for this year on Oprah is “Your wildest dreams” or something like that. Anyway, first up are 11 teachers and they all get new cars. Yeah, yeah, nothing too special for Oprah. I mean one show that she did on consumer electronics and gadgets, the entire audience walked away with IPods, flat screen TV, PDA, and computers among other things. So she passes out boxes to the audience and tells them that one of them is also going to get a new car. BTW, the car is a new Pontiac G6, comparable to a Jetta, I guess. Anyway, she tells the audience to open their boxes and it turns out that everyone in the audience is getting a new car.
The bitch bought everyone in her audience a new car.
We are talking about a 150-200 person audience here, all getting a fully loaded, $20,000+ new car.
I swear the god this is all part of her master plan, forget about Hillary or Bush or anyone else in 2008, it’s going to be Oprah for President. She is just going to buy her way into office.