Been super busy with work.
Found out that my psychologist is leaving next month, so I’ll have to start over with a new one. Semi-disgruntled about it, but too busy with work to really be worked up about it.
I’m suppose to do this thought analysis between now and my next session. There is a list of thinking errors that I’m suppose to figure out with ones I do. If I get a free moment, maybe I’ll type it up.
Also got into another discussion about…
What if all of this doesn’t work; the theropy and the drugs. What else can I do?
Anyway, we got into another debate about the way I am dealing with this by myself. Lesson I’ve learned is that no matter how many friends you have, how many people love you, it doesn’t matter if you can’t love yourself and survive on your own. My love for anyone and everyone else is pointless if I can’t love myself.
Anyway, it is taking an effort just to type this. And I should have been off the computer an hour ago.