Post 3000…or something like that

According to Moveable Type, this is entry number 3000. Yay!!!!
Except that last year, it said that I had 6000 entries. Well that was a mistake because alot of the entries were duplicated and triplicated. Anyway, I think that the bigger point is that I have been journaling/blogging online for over 4 years now. July 28, 2000 was my first entry on livejournal. Which doesn’t really make sense since my first entry was on May 20th. Hmmm. Anyway, 4 years later, and a multitude of journal entries over the span of various journaling sites and user names, here I am.
I wish that I had something momentous to write about. Some life affirming prose, or a declaration of freedom. But I got nothing. Well, there is a Jessica Simpson rant that has been in my head for the last couple of months. How does she get her hands on all of these songs to butcher. I don’t think that I’ve ever watched a whole episode of her show. Usually, I’m flipping channels and her orange skin kinda blinds me for a sec until I can free it and change the channel. But I’ve listened to her butcher Islands in the Stream w/Kenny Rogers, Take My Breathe Away, and now Angels. And WHAT is up with that elongated neck thing that she does…
I digress…
I’ve got nothing. Been on medication for a month with no effect. I have started walking somewhat, I guess I should make it a nightly thing. Still, I feel the same that I felt a month ago. I don’t think that I am making any progress at all. **sigh** Perhaps tomorrow, I can convince Dr. Grace to pull out the electric shock machine. Or make Dr. Brickner can give me something new to take. I remember that Lesa’s mom used to have the 800 or 1600mg motrin pills. I swear they were horse pills, they were huge. I wonder if there is a prozac doasage that high. Just dope me up with 1600mg of prozac. Maybe I can get the flavored prozac that they have for kids? Get the Starburst flavored prozac. Of course I would finish off the Cherry flavored ones first, then Strwaberry, Orange, and lastly Lemon.
I need to do something special for Tim’s last day on Friday. I’m leaning towards taking him out for lunch/dinner at a steakhouse, cause I’ve decided that I am craving steak. However, this is the check that I pay bills with and I have other stuff to take care of too; I have to pay Eric, I have a ticket (although I guess that can wait another month),my car needs to be serviced, and I really need to goto the dentist. And I think it is one of my mom’s bithdays this month(don’t ask).
I need to goto sleep.
What I need to do is to stop watching romance movies on T.V. I have to realize that I am not Viggo Morteson, Harry Connick Jr., Ben Affleck, Hugh Grant, Benjamin Bratt, Liam Neesom, Adian Quinn, or Bill Pullman.
Or am I Sandra Bullock? I always forget which role I’m suppose to play.