Can’t Sleep

Gawd, tomorrow is going to be horrible for me, with the lack of sleep I will be getting.
Thought of the moment (inspired by a couple of journals and a web comic that I’m reading) is “What is keeping me in SF/Bay Area?” It’s a question that’s been asked of me and one that I have asked myself a number of times. I think right now, the ghost of Suzanne is the main reason that I am here; the dream/hope/delusion that something will happen between us. Excluding that, I’m not sure that I have a good reason for staying. I mean the weather’s nice here and S.F. is a wonderful city. But there are other cities out there in the world. All I’m doing here is hiding, and I could do that in any other city just as well, even better probably. I mean, if I moved, I would know absolutely no one. And isn’t that what I want? Isn’t it?