What Flavour Is Your Personality?

Question 1
You chose pretzels
If a bag of pretzels suit you, then you are a lively sort of person, who loves novelty and are easily bored with the same old routine. You look for new challenges at work and at home, and you can spend hours mulling over abstract concepts while you munch on your pretzels – too bad you forget about dinner.
You are quickly tired of a clothing trend and are off to find the latest style. You may be a collector, too, with a herd of ‘beanie babies’. Now you’re looking for the next fad. Pretzel lovers are intuitive and make decisions based more on emotions than on logic, and they may be overly trusting in romantic relationships. While they may be a wonderful party guest, and fun to be with, they are vulnerable, too.
Note: Pretzel lovers have a tendency to move on to new projects before they finish the old ones, and they may overcommit to work projects and deadlines – they may take on more family chores than they can handle too.
Question 2
You chose chocolate chip
If you chose chocolate chip, then you are best described as a visionary who goes by the motto: I came, I saw, I conquered. These are the competitors, the go-getters, and the types who can’t stand losing. They are also charming and generous on their journey to the top, but they are not pleasant to be around when they suffer a defeat.