Literary and Arts….

Vacaville H.S. Literary Journal, 1992

The Gallery was the High School English Poem and Art book that got published every year. Nothing like teen angst and the best of bad poetry in High School. Anyway, I’d had forgotten how many poems that Ivan had in this thing. All autographed too. Hmm. A number of other bastards poems and stories are included. Then there is this awful gem…

Chinese Zodiac

The jungles of Asia are where I tread.
I walk the jungle in my cloak of tan.
And when I am enraged, All lower with dread’
For I am the Tiger, king of the land.

You are the princess of the wind and air
High above in the clouds thus do you fly
You glide in the heavens without a care;
For you are the Dragon, angel of the sky

We see each other from the lands we command;
I from the ground, you from the sky that is yours.
We meet midway, far from our domains.
And with one small brief glance, our passion soared.

Unfortunately we grew apart from each other,
And we went away’ never again to see one another.

I think they included it just to meet their minority quota.

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  1. Hey I remember having those in Jr. High! I should look for them and see all the corny, “together forever” poems! hahaha

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