Friday Five For January 23, 2004

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song? Fallen by Sarah Mclachlan

2. …food? Spam, if you can believe it. I’ve just about eaten more spam this month than what I ate all of last year. Not that there is anything wrong with spam (It’s an essential part of an Asian diet), it’s just that I don’t remember the last time that I have had so much of it.

3. …tv show? There is only one show, Angel.

4. …scent? Had a craving for vanilla for awhile now…

5. …quote? “I’m hotter than fresh roadkill, baby”

2 thoughts on “Friday Five For January 23, 2004

  1. Yeah, I read that entry. I should have linked it.
    I’m feeling better, just getting ready for 1st day of Spring Rush.
    How was Hawaii? Hope you had a good time.

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