Had to goto the store to do cashier training as part of some scheme that the boss cooked up. Kinda of a waste, since I work at the warehouse and I will 99% never be in a situation to run a register. Still, it was a change of pace, I guess.
After work, went to Borders to wait for Amanda to get off of work so we could drive up to see Mew. Saw these two European kids just kick ass at chess. They totally put the games that Tim and I play to shame. Wanted to take a picture, but the crazy guy watching over them was….well crazy looking. Still trying to figure out a way to take under cover shots with my phone. Anyway, wandered off to start reading a bit of the latest Star Wars book. I’m kinda split over the latest going on in the Star Wars universe. I guess what I really want is for LucasArts to get off of their ass and start making some new X-Wing games set in the books universe.
Went to Amanda’s and we dragged ourselves up through the rush hour traffic and up to Vacaville to see Mew. It was good times. Barry also came over for awhile and then we went back to his house and Gabi went to hang out with the girls.
This entry is totally blah, blah, blah. I was going to go into a thing about mapping friends groups, but…now I’m not.

4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. You should check out Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It’s starts out a little slow, but it’s got a good story, you can actually play through as an evil jedi . . . all without midichlorians, battle droids and little vaders yelling “whoopee” to make you think George hates you.
    Now, they just have to get Ridley Scott to direct Episodes 7 – 9: The Hand of Thrawn Saga.

  2. I was suppose to be playing this game, but my brother goofed up and got me ST:G instead. Not that I wouldn’t mind playing ST:G, but the last thing I need is Star Wars flavored Evercrack.

  3. What’s ST:G? Star Trek: Generations?
    I think you have Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic confused with Star Wars: Galaxies. Star Wars: Galaxies is Star Wars flavored Everquest. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is an epic single player RPG by BioWare (Baldur’s Gate) with a sweet 3D engine. Fastest selling and highest reviewed (average) X-Box game ever. It’s on the PC now. It’s pretty sweet.

  4. I meant SW:G, not ST:G. I’m a dork. I take it by your description that SW:KOTOR is really that good. Well, maybe if Uncle Sam is good to me, I might be able to get it with my tax return.

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