damage done…

Just random thoughts….

I swear, where ever I go, I can find a way to cause damage, either to myself or to others…

1st day back at work was…work. So much shit to do, so little time.

Still, I’ll be able to goof off a bit, if I want too. Macworld is tomorrow and a number of managers will be gone tomorrow. I’m jealous in a geek sorta way; although, not being an Apple worshiping person, I would be out of place. I wonder which would be worse; me at MacWorld, or me at a Christian concert? Well, I survived both before, so I guess the point is mute…

Going to try an snag a queen size bed frame tomorrow. I hope it is in good condition. When I originally ordered my bed, I failed to order a frame (I assumed that it came with the bed). A bed frame will give me more room to organize stuff (i.e. shove clothes and other stuff
underneath to give allusion that I spent time cleaning my room.)

I have lots of stuff to catch up on. Like my phone and all of the other stuff that I have gotten this last month. I finally got the pictures and video from the camera to the computer (i.e. figured out Bluetooth). The pictures aren’t half bad; not as good has my camera, but better than I thought they would come out. Still have to worry about movement since there are alot of motion-blur pics. The videos are good too and with sound. I still want to get a bigger memory card, although 16MB is plenty right now. Uploaded some pics that I got off the web for backgrounds. Also got some new ringtones. Anyway, I will have a post all about my phone later this week I guess.

Feeling drained from the holidays, esp. New Years and the weekend. Just realized that this is the 3-4 year in a row that I have not kissed anyone on New Years. Yes, there is a story in there, but it’s not going to get told right now. Hmm, what did I do when it was New Years. I mean, I remember the party that I was at, but what did I do when it struck midnight? I do remember that the TV was like 1-2 minutes off from the actual time. But that’s it. Did I even get a hug from anyone? That is def. sad.

Had In-N-Out for dinner tonight. It’s surprising after all that I read in Fast Food Nation, but Barbara was feeling down today and she really wanted a hamburger from there. It was good, but not as good has before. Thinking about mad cow and stuff. I sure that this won’t be the only time that I have fast food. And I have cut back compared to previous years. However, I think that I will cut out even more than before. Interesting question/thought: Would you still goto the House of Prime Rib even with the mad cow scare going on? I’m thinking yes.

I guess Britney got married and annulled this weekend. Gawd. You know what I want. Since Madonna has made Britney heir-apparent to the throne, I would love to see Christina do a duet with someone that can also sing. The Lady Marmalade thing was good, but I want something more. What about Mariah and Christina? When I first heard Reflections (the Mulan song) I thought it was Mariah singing because of the notes being reached. Or if Whitney could clean herself up, a duet could be a good thing. No, Christina need a real diva…like Aretha or Patti. I don’t know, just thoughts floating in my head.

Saw the Marilyn Manson remake of Tainted Love. OMG, I love it. MM is my hero of the moment.