Cell Phone Battle wrap up…

So on Wednesday, I woke up at 4am in the morning to once again call AT&T about my order. After a mild 30-45min wait, Maria, the cust. serv. rep. answered my call. She straightened out all of my info and processed the order, and even gave me a personal work email to contact her with. So 30 min later she sent me an email that the order was processed but they were out of stock on the 3650 and so she sent me the 3300. So I got on the phone and called AT&T once again, and lucked out and got Maria on the phone. Talked to her for awhile, and just decided to cancel my order. Since the order had already been processed, I had to refuse the phone and cancel the account.

So on my way to work, I decided to stop in at the AT&T store to see if they had any of the 3650. Came out with the 3650 and a 1 year contract for $99. It’s on the national plan, so I can use my phone in Seattle without getting hit with roaming fees and I have nights/weekends. I also have a month of mMode to try out so I can do wireless web browsing and stuff. I have a camera phone to take pictures with and to download stuff onto. I still need to get a
Bluetooth adaptor, but I am just happy that I have cell phone service again. Now comes the long part of changing phones numbers on all of my accounts.

As for the cheap phone that I ordered from that auction site. That was a mistake, I get the phone yesterday, and it is in about the same condition has my old phone. I charge it up and take a look at the phonebook and there are still all of these New York numbers in it from “Nigga Down”, “Chingy”, and other ghetto names. So I go to the AT&T store to try and get my old number placed on this cell phone so that I can try to sell the plan to someone or something and I find out that the phone has been suspended and they won’t let me put my cell phone number on it. Can’t return it to the auction place, so that was a waste of $20.

Called AT&T once again this morning to see if I could have calls forwarded from my old phone to the new one. They couldn’t do that, but they did, downgrade me to their lowest plan since I’m not using that number anymore (At the store, they told me that I would have to sign up for another year. Yeah, right). So my bill will be $19 for the next 3 months and then I can cancel that old account.

So thank god this whole ordeal is over. I still can’t believe that I was on hold for so long, or that I actually waited for so long. I think after awhile, it just became a challenge. But even after all of this, I’m still sticking with AT&T because all the people I talked to were friendly and courteous, or at least faked well enough that I didn’t notice otherwise. Far different experience than the rude customer service that I experience when I was with Sprint.

And OMG, I love my phone. It’s not too small and fits comfortably in my hand. And there are so many features and things to do and to play with. I am just waiting for my last paycheck so I can get the
Bluetooth and start downloading stuff to the phone. The mMode web stuff is cool too, although I still not sure if I will sign up for it. The main thing that I would do is to send pictures to other people. All the stuff like scores, traffic, and horoscope I can get with text messaging. Even email notifications I can do with txt msg. And with the
Bluetooth, I can download stuff to my computer and then onto the phone. Eh, I’ll play with it a bit more.

O.K. Guess I should be heading off to work.

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