Still low productivity levels…

Not really satisfied with the way this weekend went. I mean, the party was great, but I don’t feel like I really did anything else. Granted I stayed in bed Friday night and Saturday to make sure that I was
well for the party. And I spent an hour on hold with AT&T. But today, I got some stuff done, but all of it was so half hearted. No passion, fire, or drive behind it. Well, hopefully I’ll get my ass in gear this week and get stuff done before vacation time, or better yet before my phone gets here and I get distracted by it.

Speaking of the phone, I just realized that I need to get a Bluetooth adapter so I can upload my address book and programs to the phone. Was looking at getting a Bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse set, but I didn’t like the reviews that the Microsoft or Logitech sets got. And they are kinda expensive. So I think that I will look around on Craigslist to see if I can find one, or if nothing else order one from the bookstore.

Have the gym bag packed and ready to load into the car has I make one last attempt to get to the gym before the year is over. Curious thing
thought I was driving by the gym last week, either Thursday or Friday, and it looked like it was closed. That was odd cause it was 7-8om when I drove by and the gym is suppose to be open until 10pm. Maybe I should stop being cheap and sign up at 24hr. Fitness and maybe get a trainer to help me out. **sigh** Add it to the list along with getting classes for spring
semester, bringing the car to the shop, going to the dentist, and 5 million other things that I need to do.

O.K. candles are lit, and the sleepy time tea is at a comfortable but warm drinking temperature.