Cell Phone Battle rages on…

Woke up two hours late at 7am and proceeded to stay on hold for 2.5 hours until I had to get ready for my manager’s meeting.
After the meeting, called AT&T and tried using my headset, so my neck wouldn’t hurt. However the headset was being too flaky. Tried calling a different number and actually got through to someone, who I had cancel my first web order. Then I proceeded to go back to the website and reorder the phone, which was good, because I actually got it for free this time. Time will tell if I will actually get the phone or if I will have to go through the same hoops over again.
Still planning on ordering the replacement phone from the auction place, just to make sure I get a phone. Meh, we’ll see what happens. All I know is that I need to get a phone soon.
Also got my Secret Santa gift from the company Xmas party that I didn’t goto. A bottle of Champagne and a Xmas cane with a Xmas Tigger on top. Pretty cool.
Went with Barbara and Laura to Laura’s daughter, Kirsten winter concert at Skyline. The concert was alright; both Barbara and I were yawning during the classical parts. Mainly because neither one of us has gotten much sleep in the last couple of days.
O.K. the rain is coming down now. I def. think that I will starve instead of going out to get food. Will just wait until I get home to have some rice and whatever else I cook.