Oh, what a fool I am.

The answer was starring me right in the face. I mean it was literally right in front of my face. God, I am so dense and stupid sometimes. Has my Dad likes to say, “If it was a snake, it would have bitten you by now.”

Still, finding the answer is one thing; dissecting it and learning from it is a totally different thing.

Also realized that I will never be able to completely fix all of the broken links and pictures in the entries that I imported from Livejournal. Some of the sites that I linked to have gone under and pictures were lost when my hard drive crashed. And does everything need to be linked? Like for my friends, maybe I could do just a hover link that says who they are. Something to ponder on, I guess.

Anyway, I feel like crap still. Stayed home and rested and flooded my body with fluids and Vitamin C. I should be asleep, however the Nyquil hasn’t kicked in yet. Mom was once again right when she told me to get a flu shot. Did I listen? Of course not. And now, it it too late to get one.

Well, I guess I will turn off the computer and lights and try to goto sleep.