Wasting away…

Taking a break at work to post that nothing is going on in my life. Well, I’m sure there is something going on, but nothing I feel or want to report at this time.

Skipping out of the faculty party to work late was still a good idea though. Slowly getting caught up and making room on the shelves for all the clothes we have. I think that I can start to see some light at the end of this tunnel with this thing going on at work.

Still waiting for AT&T to email me back about the phone situation. If I don’t hear
anything by tomorrow, I know what I have to do.

Am resisting the urge to watch The Simple Life tonight on FOX. While I am mildly interested in the concept, I am totally sick of the Paris Hilton coverage. I think I got my fill watching her on VH1, MTV, and E! while on vacation. She doesn’t do anything for me at all, really.

O.K. enough of a non-update on my non-exciting life.