Worried about my job

Sitting here in the darkening warehouse, trying to catch up on the paperwork that I have and my mind just wandered off and I’m wondering if I should be worried about my job.
I don’t know, just thinking about certain events, things that people have said or done, things that are going on now. And I just wonder if I should be worried about it. I really would be in trouble if I was let go from this job. I think I am doing a good job right now. Tech. I’m a little behind on a project or two, but that is on my timetable and not the stores. I haven’t yelled at or pissed anyone off; I don’t think so. And Brian has given me praise the last couple of times that he has come out. **deep breathe** Maybe I’m just letting my mind get a little overactive. Damn, this is going to bother me all night long, I just know it.